“Let’s Try A Different Tactic”

Huh.  I guess that one didn’t work, Simon.  Sweet rocker Gina Glockson was voted off instead of that cretin.  Gina’s song was appropriate–“Smile, though you feel like cryin’ . . . ” And everyone was broken up about Gina leaving . . . except Sanjaya

Meanwhile, guess whose pretty mug didn’t seem to register a hint of despair over the current state of affairs? Sanjaya. The camera seemed to pan from one sobbing mug to another during Gina’s performance before focusing on Sanjaya’s thoroughly emotionless face. When you have a universe to run, you probably can’t waste your time sympathizing with the competition.

So I guess I only have one venue left to pursue: Republican Battle Tactics: 

If you vote for Sanjaya, the terrorists win. 

Hey, I know I’m terrified of having to see him perform one more time in order to see the actual talent perform.  Like Melinda, Lakisha, Jordin, and Chris. 



One thought on ““Let’s Try A Different Tactic”

  1. Oh, Jamie, that’s not desperate enough. Here, try this:

    If you vote for Sanjaya, the Hollywood liberals will force you to marry someone of the same-sex, have an abortion, and welcome illegal immigrants into your home.

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