Send Him Home Now

Kelly has the right idea.  He wants to start an anti-Sanjaya blog rally and get his ass thrown off the island, er, the show!  I am ALL for that idea!  What a joke. 

That no-talent trainwreck might be listenable in a few years, but youth isn’t an obstacle for Jordin, so why do we allow it as Sangina’s excuse?  (Norm seems to think a MTF operation is not too far in Sanjaya’s future.)  I hereby call on all you parents who are letting your daughters make toll calls after ten o’clock on a school night to PUT THEM TO BED WITHOUT THEIR PHONES! 

At least Melinda, Chris Richardson, Jordin, and Lakisha are safe for another week. 

I’m just aghast that the train wreck is still vying for the top spot.  I can sing better with my ASS! 


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