The Slogan Generator

I couldn’t help but try out the slogan generator when QJ mentioned it on his blog.  I had no idea the results would be so positively pornographic–each time you get a different result:

  • It’s Different In A Jamie
  • There’s Always Room For Jamie
  • You’re in Good Hands With Jamie
  • Obey Your James
  • If You Like A Lot Of Jamie On Your Biscuit, Join Our Club
  • Jamie Keeps Going and Going
  • Jamie Really Satisfies
  • Have Jamie Your Way
  • Jamie Lickin Good

I could go on and on, but you get the idea.  I just find it amazing how many of our national advertising slogans have subliminal sexual messages.  I’ll never look at All-State the same way again. 

Try It Here


2 thoughts on “The Slogan Generator

  1. It’s just as I feared. You are suffering from
    Norm’s Disorder.
    Cause: secret military experiments

    Symptoms: fangs, lumps, laughing

    Cure: fire

  2. Sex sells, baby, sex always sells.

    I’m desperately trying to believe that’s why I lost out to “Made In Brazil”. Still, if one’s going to lose, Brazil isn’t a bad one to lose to. 😀

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