Ten Couples & Soulforce

I’m horribly late in getting around to posting about 10couples.org, a website that vivdly spotlights ten gay or lesbian couples and their stories, reasons, and worries about obtaining equal marriage rights.  Vivid and incredibly compelling videos do a great job of educating.  Check it out. 

After all, do YOU have your proxy papers on you at all times?

Also, if you’d like to keep updated on the Soulforce Equality Ride, check out Matt’s blogging of the trip on his site here, GoodAsYou, or (as I recently discovered) the Hickory Standard, where Brandon is keeping fairly close tabs on The Ride, including the recent defamation of their bus.

I have never solicited for anything except opinions here before, but if you can donate to the Equality Ride please join me, QC, and others in supporting Soulforce and the message they’re trying to spread. 

Progress takes baby steps. 


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