Simple Question, No Answer

So here’s a question you can ask that will absolutely start an argument if you’re in a large group of people:

Which animal is the “breakfast animal,” the chicken or the pig? 

The chicken lays eggs, which some say are the focal point of the rest of the meal, but the pig gives us not only bacon but sausage and ham as well. 

Then there’s the semantic argument: the pig is actually eaten whereas the chicken is not eaten per se as breakfast itself, so is disqualified. 

I know, it sounds so stupid, but you’d be surprised how opinionated people are.  Then again, if you read this blog, you probably won’t be too surprised at how opinionated people are. 


One thought on “Simple Question, No Answer

  1. I find it funny that half the population has no political opinion of any consequence but they’ll argue Pepsi vs. Coke for hours on end. Because the sugar water you drink is so important.

    This is slightly better, if only because it’s a little weird 😛

    At least your blog readers are opinionated about stuff that matters.

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