Politically Incorrect Funnies

Now, while I don’t want to just automatically go all a-hatin’ on Fox News like the linked article, this picture is damned funny:


“Reporting live from Munchkinland, . . . ”

Not PC at all, Jamie.  Tsk Tsk.  Nor is this next one:

In a comment regarding the “non-troversy” over gay characters in videogames, one reader wrote:

I also am annoyed by “flaminess”. Not homophobic, just get annoyed by certain mannerisms, with flaming being one of them. “Gangsta” annoys me even worse, especially when white kids are trying to be it. “Look, I’m emulating a drug dealer-murderer-womanizer that profits by perverting minds of the youths of his race. I’m so cool.”

What next, flaming heterophobic gangsta female mentally and physically disabled American Indian heroes? Yeah, do that just to get noticed.

OMG what would the name of THAT character be?  Bitch Who Wheels In Circle? 

Don’t hate me. I can pick on gay people, too. After all, WHAT could be more ridiculous than this:



I think God already knows, people. Burying yourself with a bag of Skittles would have the same significance.

Taste the rainbow.


4 thoughts on “Politically Incorrect Funnies

  1. Well let’s all be honest here.

    Over-the-top flaminess annoys me too. Don’t get me wrong, I can light a fire with the best of them, but there’s always that one guy that’s just too much.

    I wouldn’t use the word hate though. They just sort of get under my skin.

    Unfortunately it’s hard to tell who’s genuinely annoyed, and who’s just using it as a cover for their homophobia, like this person seems to.

    And don’t even get me started on guys that wear “straight-acting” as a badge of honour.

  2. Flaminess doesn’t bother me at all. Swish. Fluff. Twirl. It’s all good. But dykeyness, now that’s another story! Why would someone with an obvious dislike for men want to emulate them? Not only in dress (no pun intended), but in hair style, watches, wallets, shoes and mannerisms. I know of a particular dyke that refers to her significant other as her “squaw”. Yet, she would be up in arms if a man reffered to his wife as a squaw. I don’t get it. okay, I do get the part about preferring men’s shoes over heels…

  3. Extremes of any type annoy me. Well, maybe annoy isn’t the right word. Make me suspicious. Act however you want, but the farther out you are on the Bell curve, the less likely I’m going to believe it’s just “you being you” and the more likely I’m going to feel you’re pushing an agenda.

    Lord, if Rev. Jack heard me saying this…

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