Coulter’s Disingenuous Defense

It’s a proven scientific fact that hunger effects cognitive ability.  More simply, being hungry keeps you from thinking clearly.  So maybe that’s Ann Coulter’s real problem.  I don’t know and don’t really care.  And I really didn’t want to have to address this since it’s been covered from here ’til Sunday all over the nets, but I feel a dire need to comment on this fiasco. 

So I’ll try to make this quick. 

While many conservative bloggers and pundits have criticized Ann’s remarks (Matt’s got a nice list of them), several ads have been pulled from her website (Verizon & AT&T at least), and one newspaper has pulled her column, some are still trying to spin her remark into something it wasn’t, including Ms. Coulter herself. 

On Sean Hannity’s radio show yesterday–among other places–Ann tried to spin that her remark had nothing to do with homosexuality

It isn’t offensive to gays. It has nothing to do with gays. It’s a schoolyard taunt, meaning wuss. And unless you’re telling me that John Edwards is gay, it was not applied to a gay person.

Without resorting to name-calling which would be so damned easy, how the hell would SHE know that “faggot” isn’t offensive to gays?  How dare she try and say that “faggot” has nothing to do with gays?  Bernie Chapin has an entire article trying to explain how Faggot isn’t a hurtful word toward gays.  It’s enough to make your head spin clear off of your shoulders.

F*ggot is not a term of hate. It’s a word sometimes used to describe gays as well as a bundle of sticks or branches, a type of meatball, and, way back when, it even represented a unit of measurement. [i] As far as offensiveness goes, there is no reason why it would appall gays; particularly since it has “been employed by gay men in a defiant, self-consciously empowering or self-mocking way.” [ii] Gay advice guru Dan Savage, in his “Savage Love” columns, an adult version of “Dear Abby,” prefaced each query with the salutation of “Hey F*ggot.”

Way to have the courage of your convictions, Bernie.  If it’s not a term of hate, why are you not spelling the entire word?  Because you know that it is a term laden with hate, just as n*gger is for black people.  And just as they sometimes call each other that word, so do we sometimes call each other faggot.  Not very often, though, and you don’t get to do it until you’ve had to run from those screaming it at you while they chase you with baseball bats. 

And just how stupid do these people think their audience really is?  Ann made the remark referring to John Edwards and in the same sentence alluded to the Isaiah Washington incident–which was entirely about homosexuality.  But we’re supposed to think Ann was calling Edwards “a bundle of sticks?”  Not only is that disingenuous, but it’s downright insulting to the American intelligence.  I’m far more pissed off that she’s trying to worm out of her words with blatent misdirection than the fact that she uttered them in the first place.   

At least there’s one small bit of real humor to be found in all of this.  Following the CPAC convention Ann was photographed with a former gay porn star.  JMG’s got the goods on that story.  (11″ ?  Ouch.)


5 thoughts on “Coulter’s Disingenuous Defense

  1. Ann Coulter resorts to name calling all the time. Saying faggot isn’t offensive to gays is so stupid. I suppose it’s okay to call a black person N****r just because they might call each other that. Coulter is a stupid spoiled brat. How’s that for name calling, you cow.

  2. I have to confess that I wasn’t offended by the remark; in the same way that Whoopi Goldberg said the “N” word doesn’t offend her because “I’m not one, and I don’t know any.”

    I saw Coulter’s remark as a dual comment on Edwards effete patrician style while he tries to pass himself off as a just one of the “po’ folks” and the Church of Political Correctness and it’s “penance” of “rehab”.

    Ann is a machete mouthed bitch. Why do people always act surprised when she proves it?

  3. Oh, I wasn’t surprised that she said it. What I was surprised by was the absurd jumps people were making to defend her remarks. She has the right to make them, just as others have the right to say how ridiulous and illogical her defense of those remarks was.

    And don’t get me started on the f’ing “gay rehab” bullcrap. You can’t make someone instantly change their attitude about homosexuality. You have to work to change things slowly. I call shenanigans on the whole “rehab” scene.

  4. I think that Isaiah Washington went to rehab for anger management issues as a result of choking a castmate during an on-set kerfuffle. The fact that he referred to a different castmate altogether as a “faggot” got most of the press, but didn’t, I think, bring up the question of rehab.

    And yes, Ann Coulter is a “machete mouthed bitch” — I’m not surprised when she proves it, but I am surprised that members of the news media raise her comments to the same level as those who are actually attempting to engage in intelligent discourse. People on the left know that Rosie O’Donnell is a loudmouthed comedian whose purpose is to shock rather than enlighten. Why doesn’t the right see Ann Coulter in the same light?

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