Creeps Across America

I cringe every time I see some headline that contains the word “gay” and some crime committed.  When I see this headline: Naked Principal Found With Sex Toys Watching Gay Porn In Office, I know it’s going to be one of those reports that effect you like passing a traffic accident.  I didn’t want to look, I had to.  Sigh.

It’s hard enough battling the antigay forces without having to battle criminal behavior from within:

As authorities stormed into a middle school office to arrest an alleged meth-dealing principal inside, they found an even more surprising scene inside.

Sources said 50-year-old John Acerra, of Allentown, Penn. was naked and watching gay pornography when they arrived at Nitschmann Middle School in Bethlehem to arrest him on Tuesday.

Acerra also had sex toys, drugs, cash and a pipe in his school office when authorities stormed his office, the sources added.

I’d really like to know what kind of background check was originally done on this guy. 

Drugs, Gay Sex, and Children in one story.  Is it any wonder that it’s so hard to change popular perception of gay people?  Begin the countdown until someone connects this jackass with Ted Haggard and starts spouting that ALL gays are meth-head porn addicts: . . .3 . . .2 . . .1 . . .


7 thoughts on “Creeps Across America

  1. Yeah but they can take any news and warp it to say what they want. The smarter among us know that perversion transcends demographic barriers. Black, white, Christian, Muslim, gay and straight, we all have our perverts.

    Drawing parallels from one case like this makes so little sense that only the stupidest and most extreme people would buy it. We don’t make sweeping generalizations about heterosexuals whenever depravity in their kind is uncovered.

    Regardless, meth is a huge problem in the gay community, and here in Toronto there doesn’t seem to be much being done about it.

  2. We don’t make sweeping generalizations about heterosexuals whenever depravity in their kind is uncovered.

    Then maybe it’s time to start, just to point out the idiocy of the practice?

  3. As a japanese so-called gay photographer , in Tokyo.
    it is not that very important if people are gay or not….Yes , i have been attacked by gay person when i was in the US,S.F. however , i really did fall in love with a girl next door… the important thing is that if you do really love whoever…. that
    is the thing to point out about gayness….

  4. Furthermore, my sexuality was disclosed by someone when i was in the college in S.F.
    Yeah , i was surprised by that rumor in the college ,because GAY people are everywhere
    in the city ,S.F. i was sort of the one kind!
    and i do feel pervercive when i talk to the age under 18 through E-mails ,but it is fun to talk to be honest!!!!

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