Idol Thoughts

It was Boys Night Out last night on American Idol, and while far from perfect, the performances were much, much better than the week before.  I actually watched the show twice last night: once while I was recording it for Norm, and then again when he got home.  The first time through I was concentrating on their pitch much more closely, vocal snob that I am.  And I have to agree with Simon that Chris Richardson outshone them all “by a mile,” with his rendition of “Geek in the Pink.”  Not to mention he’s very easy on the eyes. 

Who knows how long Youtube will keep that video up.  I’m counting on Robbie for a better quality one later on today.  (UPDATE: Robbie comes through yet again.)  You  really can’t tell from the audio in this one just how good he was.  And now I have to recall who Jason Mraz is. 

And is it just me, or did A.J.set your gaydar off, too?  Usually I don’t even try to guess, but HELL-o.  Three snaps at least.  I suppose it could’ve been the song, but seeing as he practically sashayed through the whole thing . . .

Then there’s Sanjay, who, last night, made Michael Jackson look masculine again.  There’s much speculation as to his sexuality as well, but I think his main problem is how young and untrained he is.  He has a natural smoothness to his voice, his pitch is usually spot-on and he <i>can</i> project, but if he’s going to sing softer songs then he’s got to learn to work the microphone to his advantage.  Which only comes with age and experience. 

And it looks like I’ll need to pick up some Jason Mraz cd’s now.  The Beauty in Ugly is a nice song and showcases his voice well.  Check out the video on his webpage for free right now.


3 thoughts on “Idol Thoughts

  1. I’ve never really enjoyed American Idol. Then again, I’m pretty much alone in that sentiment.

    American Inventor was hilarious though. Did you see the guy that created the mobile urination suit?

  2. Dropping by from The Malcontent..

    Yeah. AJ and Sanjaya set off my gaydar as well. And Simon said that thing about AJ being weirdly comfortable. Wouldn’t elaborate, though. Sigh, Simon ..

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