The New Arms Race?

With all of the right-wing talk about Communist China and the Threat They Pose, I had to laugh when I saw this in my own blog’s sidebar:


And they’re our biggest competition?  If they’re coming after us with Pigeons I think we’re gonna be pretty safe with that Paralysis Beam on our side!


9 thoughts on “The New Arms Race?

  1. I just got back from lunch and had to park under an overpass that pigeons call home. After seeing my car post-lunch and what those damn flying rats did to it, I find them to be a bigger threat than China, Islamic fundamentalists and nukes all combined into one bubbling cocktail of horror.

    Seriously, dude, “The Birds” was prophecy.

  2. I can just see it now, hordes of paralyzed pigeons dropping to the ground in our major cities, while our pet cats stand on their hind legs and chant USA! USA! USA!

  3. Dude, I didn’t have time to look at their heads or their beady little eyes or their beaks fashioned out of pure evil. I was too busy serpentining to my car, trying to remember if the sweater I was wearing was dry-clean only.

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