Full Disclosure

In the interest of maintaining my integrity, it would be disingenuous of me to not write this post. 

Yesterday I mentioned Jasmyne Cannick when talking about George Lopez.  As far as I can tell she still has not called for mass Latino condemnation of Lopez for his anti-same-gender-loving rants in his comedy act.  However she has, contrary to my inferences yesterday, criticized the Black Community for their lack of response to a different matter.  That is my mistake, and I apologize for misrepresenting her in any way.  Upon initially checking Jasmyne’s blog, I missed this article in which she clearly and deliberately vilifies the leadership of the Black Community for its failure to condemn Tim Hardaway’s statements.  It is always my intention to give full credit where it is due:

“If the silence from the Black leadership on Hardaway is any indication of what we can expect as we roll into a heated Presidential campaign season on gay issues, then we very well stand to see a repeat of 2004 where we had Black pastors urging Blacks to vote for a President that opposed gay marriage and abortion while critical issues of importance like healthcare, housing, and social security were overlooked.”

For once we agree.  While I still think Jasmyne’s entirely off-base in expecting entire communities to pounce every time an idiot opens his or her mouth with bigoted speech, she did indeed take the Black Community to task for Hardaway’s statements just as she took the GLBT community to task for not condemning Shirley Q. Liquor. 

But Jasmyne, honey, you are a black lesbian.  I’m a gay, mostly white, male. And your place will never be “with the blacks” any more than mine is “with the whites.”  By the time you or I ever truly fit in with those groups as such, we’ll both be the same damned color anyway.   


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