Is George Lopez A Homophobe?

Hmmph.  Jasmyne Cannick, I’m waiting for your condemnation of George Lopez. Especially after your thorough excoriation of the gay community for not condemning Shirley Q. Liquor (admittedly a tasteless act, as I’ve said previously), and after you said nothing about the black community not condemning Isaiah Washington’s remarks.  Now that I think about it, where was the black community’s outright objection to Tim Hardaway’s bigoted comments?  Still think “your place” is with the blacks, and not the lesbians? 

Although, to accurately follow Jasmyne’s logic, I shouldn’t be waiting for her, I should be waiting for the entire Latino community to condemn Lopez’s remarks about gay and lesbians. HBO’s site for Lopez’s new comedy special anticipated many topics, gays weren’t even listed:

Among the topics he’s expected to cover in the special are: immigration and naturalization, “minute men,” dysfunction, modern-day kids, old-school values, hybrid cars, cars that run on corn, interracial relationships, dementia and the future.

Why, oh, why, then, did he spend so much time, as Robbie says, deriding “cocksuckers” and “taking it up the ass?”  I find it extremely interesting how we remain the one group it’s okay to publicly make fun of.  And how some of our most critical observers from within “the community” are mute about this when they’re so quick to condemn their own pet peeves.  


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