Enough Is Enough

You are reading the words of one pissed-off faggot.

It’s bad enough that we have to tolerate bigots in this world.  It’s even worse that some bigots still feel they have the right to assault others simply for a difference in beliefs.  It’s inexcusable that tragedies like what happened to Matthew Shepard continue to this day in America.  It’s intolerable that gays are reportedly being hunted in Iraq and are publicly executed as a matter of national policy in Iran. 

I have a question for you straight folks out there who think we need the gay beaten out of us: just when, exactly, did y’all authorize men beating up on women

 A 21-year-old student at Naropa University was badly beaten early Wednesday near downtown Boulder after telling two men she had just met that she was gay. . .

Police said the woman went to several University Hill house parties Tuesday before going to the Pearl Street Mall, where she met the two men outside Old Chicago.

After learning they were visiting from California and didn’t have a place to stay, the woman offered up her couches and the men accepted, police Cmdr. Greg Testa said.

While the three were walking home, the men started making sexual comments, Testa said. The woman said she wasn’t interested because she’s gay, and that’s when the assault occurred, he said.

Way to show yourself for the COWARDS that you are.  The lady offers you a place to stay out of the kindness of her heart and you beat her head in because she likes women.  I’m just waiting for them to say they did it in the name of God.  The article linked describes the assault in graphic detail.  And I have to tell you it’s things like this that make me glad I carry a bat in my car.  JoeMyGod posted a question this morning that seems all the more relevant after reading about this poor woman:

Do you keep anything in your home or vehicle for self-defense? Have you ever had to use it?

From the responses, it becomes evident that we gays are fond of baseball bats.  You know, boys and girls, it might be time to switch to something a little more forceful.  Maybe the Pink Pistols have it right:

“Thirty-one states allow all qualified citizens to carry concealed weapons. In those states, homosexuals should embark on organized efforts to become comfortable with guns, learn to use them safely and carry them. They should set up Pink Pistols task forces, sponsor shooting courses and help homosexuals get licensed to carry. And they should do it in a way that gets as much publicity as possible. “

Maybe putting a few holes in some bigots when they attack will get the message across that we shouted 30 years ago: We’re here, we’re queer, and we’re NOT going to take it anymore.  Because we shouldn’t have to.

Hey, here’s an idea.  Instead of looking for the Gay Gene, start looking for the Moron Gene.  They seem to be more plentiful than gay people and pose much more of a “danger to society.” 

‘Scuze me now while I amble off doing my best Yosemite Sam imitation. 


12 thoughts on “Enough Is Enough

  1. That’s freaking awful.

    I can honestly say I feel safe and comfortable being myself around Toronto. Whether that feeling is justified is another matter, but carrying around guns isn’t a very…Canadian solution. Can’t we all just talk it out? 😛

  2. Threnody, Canadians talk too much as it is. You’re almost as bad as the Germans with the “unsolicited opinions about American idiocy.” Heh.

    But sometimes American stubborness and refusal to accomodate works in our favor. For example, that ridiculous demand for implementing “limited” Sharia Law in Ontario would’ve never even gotten a hearing in the United States. And quite frankly, that would be one of those cases where I think we Americans got it right.

    It doesn’t matter that it would’ve only applied to Muslims who consent to it. Fundamentally, it is a bad idea to have competing legal systems (especially when one grants far fewer civil liberties than the other). And with all due respect to our sodomite beheading friends in the Middle East… when you immigrate to our country, you have to give up a few old habits. The notion that it takes the testimony of 2 women to refute the testimony of 1 man doesn’t sit well with us. Sorry, bub.

  3. Jamie, unfortunately, those who do fight off their attackers never make the nightly news. And the bashers themselves are not going to admit to being beaten up by a queer. So, in terms of changing the perception that we’re easy victims, I think it’s an uphill battle. However, I encourage anyone who feel threatened to protect themselves with whatever instruments they feel is necessary.

  4. Not directly related to this – but sort of. In our local news, a high school was going to host a visit by a gay/lesbian group which I think was going to host a two-day visit to answer questions by high schoolers re: resources, FAQs, etc. Well one concerned parent (who has two radio progams locally) said (among other things) that they don’t need that here (what? information!) and that the groups paperwork attempts to “recruit them to the gay lifestyle.” JEEZ! Don’t they realize it’s a service to their community? Their kids are gay or not. PLAIN AND SIMPLE – SIMPLETON! They NEED to have this information so they can stop being in pain and hating themselves and feel okay and safe about coming out. What a bunch of MORONS!

    I worry about my gay son all the time. But no one better start with him cause the rest of his family is BIG AND CRAZY. 🙂

  5. John it’s ironic that you’d complain about unsolicited opinions from Canadians, then go off on an unrelated rant about Sharia Law.

    Besides, what’s wrong with circulating around ideas? Okay, maybe that wasn’t the best one, but so what? Things don’t get better if people don’t put new ideas forward, instead of the same old crap. If we berate anyone that puts an unrealistic suggestion forward we’re suppressing that mythical “marketplace of ideas.”

    I could’ve gone on a big rant about things happening in the US that I don’t agree with, but instead I, you know, stuck to the topic at hand.

    Besides, I didn’t say it was wrong to carry a concealed weapon, I didn’t say you shouldn’t do it, I just pointed out a cultural difference.

  6. Therody, your reaction proves my point about the double standard against America. Thank you.

    Canada and the EU can stick it to us about our “imperialist” polices for years and years (policies that your economies benefits from, by the way). But we are not allowed to make even one or two criticisms about you. No, that would be crossing the line.

    You suggest that we’re all trigger-happy and violent. And yes, I believe that was clearly the implication of your original statement. I don’t find your explanation that it was non-judgmental convincing. I’ve been around long enough to know this sort of civilized “passive-aggressive” behavior when I see it. Frankly, I find it just as smug and arrogant as when an American says: “We’re number one!”

    I’ve never claimed America is number one. And I know we continue to struggle with issues like gun control and hate crimes. But everytime we let some outsider like you get away with painting us as a nation of right-wing nutjobs, we play into the hands of the radical right. For too long, the American left has allowed the other side to call us unpatriotic and effete. We don’t defend America even when the criticism is too broad or suspiciously vague. And I think that’s a mistake.

  7. John, with all due respect, you can’t go off a tangent and claim it’s okay because “Canada and the EU can stick it to us about our “imperialist” polices for years and years”…This just in, I am not the Canadian or EU governments. If you can find an example of anti-American comments I’ve made in this blog, I’d like you to find them.

    I certainly don’t think America is a nation of right wing nutjobs. America is a nation with some right-wing nutjobs. Canada is a nation with some right-wing nutjobs. In fact, we gave some right-wing nutjobs in our cabinet at the moment!

    There’s no need to be so defensive. I understand a lot of Canadians mindlessly go on the anti-America rant, and feel free to stick it to them if you like. But that’s not me.

    If anything, I was parodying the Canadian “let’s talk it out” attitude which we sometimes take a little too far. Do I agree with concealed weapons? Personally I don’t. Am I going to give the readers (or the writer) of this blog a verbal smackdown because of it? Absolutely not. It’s certainly a legitimate solution to the problem, just one I wouldn’t want in my backyard. But it’s not my backyard, it’s yours. So have at it!

    I hope this is the end of this thread, because I’m sure Jamie doesn’t want a cross-border flamewar erupting on his blog. How about American and Canadian non-right-wing nutjobs unite against transnational right-wing nutjobs? Sound good?

  8. The time to arm ourselves with whatever we have and need was a long time ago, what are WE ( gay people) going to do, just stand there and let this violence keep happening. Well, it looks like it will continue to happen if we don’t stand up and fight back, yes, violently as they are violently attacking, injuring us, and killing us. Come to ur senses. Get and carry a gun if u live in a state that allows it, if not, there are baseball bats, “the club” for ur steering wheels, pepper spray, and use it thouroughly, when they’re down and confused after spraying them, spray the eyes, etc. get them good. And have a weapon in ur car, etc. that doesn’t necessarily appear as a weapon, use ur head to figure something out. We have been hunted for centuries; blacks don’t take slurs, the “n” word, etc. without a severe consequence! Why do we take insults, violence, etc. FIGHT BACK, SEVERELY!

  9. It occurs to me that there are many ways to resist and promote change that don’t involve right and wrong being determined down the barrel of a gun. I’m also not sure that advocating gang-land style violence, the arguable consequence of “blacks” not taking “slurs…without a severe consequence,” is preferable.

    Drawing from that same comparison, there are two paths that can be walked, the path of Martin Luther King, Junior, or the militant path. Both have their proponents and the question comes down to, “Who do we want to be, both as gays and lesbians, but also as human beings?” There’s a special on HBO right now, Bastards of the Party, that traces contemporary black-on-black violence back to the Black Panther Party and other militant organizations of the 60s. It might behoove us to take a good long look at this most recent example of violence, even in self-defense and empowerment, coming to beget violence for its own sake before we pick up pipes, bats, knives and guns, even in defense.

    Nothing lasting is ever accomplished at gunpoint, other than death. Ideas have to change. Like black men and women, gays and lesbians have to be seen by society as people. Until that paradigm change takes place, violence isn’t going to make us any safer than attacking Iraq did and that change won’t happen through violence.

    Given, I have a religious bias, but rationally it always seems to be a mistake to embrace a violent course. Indeed, one might argue that our defining characteristic as humans is our rationality and that violence, a clear renunciation of rationality and a tacit admission of the superiority of the other person, is ultimately a renunciation of our basic humanity.

    Admittedly it’s a longer road, a harder road, a far more dangerous road, but it is not futile, not without hope, not without success. I believe that history has provided us many examples to show its the only way to ultimately evoke long-lasting change.

    So yes, be angry. We should be. Whenever we see injustice, we should be angry and we should speak on it. Be afraid, even, because fear is how we know, fundamentally, something is wrong. But nothing good ever comes from allowing that anger and fear to control one’s actions and turn one into a mirror image of what inspires that anger and causes that fear.

  10. I agree, QJ, that we can be proactive in other ways without resorting to violence. But that’s our offensive strategy. I think preparedness for self-defense is entirely reasonable. And if that means blowing some bastard’s brain out when he breaks into my home or my car and tries to kill me, well, I’m all for it.

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