Gravitonus Workstation

Hardcore gamers, eat your heart out.  While it may look like a cross between the cockpit of The Nebuchadnezzar in The Matrix and the gunner’s seat in The Last Starfighter, I know I’d buy one in a heartbeat if I could afford it.  The cool factor alone is enough to justify it.  (Insert Manly Grunt here.) 

From LiveScience (via :

The Gravitonus system allows the user to move freely in space. Like any good gaming system, it constantly orients the user relative to the user’s Earth Gravitational Field. (What, your gaming system doesn’t?) The Gravitonus system comes with an on-board computer that constantly analyzes the position of the user’s body, measuring local temperature and pressure for different body parts, and gently rotates the frame accordingly.

I can see myself locked into that thing playing CivIII on all 3 screens at once.  Sorry about the drool.  (But honestly, couldn’t they find anything besides cheap 70’s porn music for the video?)


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