Because I Must

No two blogs are exactly the same.  Some share themes or templates, others share hosts, many share topics, memes, pictures, or subjects.  But each is written differently, some with care, some with hurriedness, and a very select few are written with originality. 

While I do share some fun memes from time to time, that has never been, nor will it ever be, the express purpose of this blog.  My purpose is to entice my readers to think differently about subjects they may not have seriously considered.  To engage readers and get them–you–to think critically and not accept what the media, other bloggers, or society spoonfeeds you as “the truth.”  To that end, I try to highlight stories in the news that both interest me and have the potential to change at least one mind out there.  Whether it’s science, religion, gay issues, politics, etc, each day presents a myriad of topics related in thousands of different ways by various outlets: online media, TV, radio, newspapers, videos . . . the list seems endless, as do the opinions. 

Many blogs contend that they have the goal of enlightenment.  I make no such claim.  I’m not about to pretend that you’re reading golden drops of wisdom from on high that are inherently infallible.  But while I may not spark that moment of revelation, it is my hope that what I write about may set some few of you on a path of thinking differently, critically, inquisitively, about the world we find ourselves in today. 

Our lives change so frequently, pass so quickly, that to live them in a sense of stagnant isolation, with the attitude of “that’s just how it is,”–well, that feels like fraud to me, not living.  Sometimes I think we all need a slap in the face to realize just what we can accomplish as a human race if we straighten up (pardon the expression) and take time to THINK. 

To that end, I try to be as honest and forthright as possible when I write.  Many bloggers are reticent to post their pictures or use their names, and I fully understand that apprehension.  Indeed, I will never post my last name, simply because I don’t need the hassles that may entail.  But I have posted my picture, I do use my real first name, and my most intimate memories are here for all the world to see.  Why?  Because if I expect you to accept that what I’m writing isn’t merely a construct but an actual representation of my identity, then I feel that I should be as much of an open book as possible.    

So here I am.  I write because I must.  And in the spirit of total transparency, I should tell you what brought this post about.  Scott has a meme (I know, I know) that I’m going to respond to right now.  It’s all Scott’s fault.  🙂

Meme after the break.

5 Things You Don’t Know About Me (and probably don’t care about):

1.  Although I’ve always aspired to be a professional writer, I think I’d much rather be an editor.  I have a lot of red pens, and from the books I’ve bought lately I can tell you honestly that there seems to be a dearth of people who can correctly edit a novel nowadays. 

2.  I sing constantly.  I think I was humming before I could speak.  I’ve sung in Church, in School, in College (and was musical director for a semester before I left school), and for a time wanted to be a music teacher. 

3. Like Scott, I have the same two fears: arachnophobia and acrophobia.  I’ve somewhat overcome the fear of spiders (they’re arachnids, not insects, Scott-ha ha).  A few years ago I tried to shock the fear of heights out of myself by riding the roller coasters at The Great Escape in New York, only to have the two butch looking guys in front of me turn around mid-ride to see who was screaming like a girl behind them.  My poor father was mortified. 

4.  I’m a bit of a mutt, racially.  While I look like a pureblood caucasian–if such a thing exists–I’m actually part Iroquois, French, English, Irish, and, according to my late Grandmother, descended from Prince Felipe (Philip?) of Spain.  Don’t ask me which one, because I don’t know.  Yes, you may bow. 

5.  I started writing online not with a blog, but under the pseudonym Hyperionfan for the site  Okay, maybe you knew that already, but I’m such an open book I didn’t have anything else for this spot.  Sue me. 

5 Reasons Why I Blog:

1. No newspaper or publication has had the wisdom to hire me professionally as yet.  And so we wait. 

2. I don’t see very many people who say they take the middle of the road who are actually taking the middle of the road.  Since I tend to upset both Liberals & Conservatives equally, I think I’m accomplishing a much-needed task.

3. Having a blog not only allows me to pontificate without a podium, it allows me to construct a web page where I can get all of the items I want in one shot without having to page jump all over the web.  Have you seen the amount of links in my sidebar?  News, science, etc.  It’s all there, baby.  Who else has all of those goodies?  No page I know of.  Yes, you’re welcome. 

4. This is so much easier than a diary would ever be. 

5.  I told you above.  Because I Must. 


One thought on “Because I Must

  1. Call spiders whatever you’d like. I still hate them.

    I do like roller coasters, but that first hill scares the hell out of me on the way up. I always worry that the coaster will break and I’ll have to climb down (I’ve seen it happen).

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