Learning His Lesson The Hardaway

It seems that Tim “I-Hate-Gay-People” Hardaway owns a car wash.  Appropriate, seeing as he is now all washed up in the sportscasting business.  Even after issuing his retraction–I’ll not call it an apology because he only said “I shouldn’t have said it,” not, “I didn’t mean it”–he was unceremoniously dumped by the NBA. 

Now it seems there’s a link where people can review his car-wash business.  JoeMyGod linked to this and I just had to share it.


  • Horrible place. Not what I expected. When I complained about the hand job I was beat up by homophobic employees Tim hires.
  • Tim won’t drop the ball when handling your special needs. Each part will get specific attention designed to make it stand up and get noticed. From the top to bottom, to this place will even make your rims feel like new. You will find yourself coming and coming back for more!

Hee hee. 


One thought on “Learning His Lesson The Hardaway

  1. The “Dark Side?” He was finally “caught.” So… he is only sorry because he was caught, then. Much like the contrite criminal with no remorse in court but sure would like you to forgive him since you caught him. Get out of jail free card again? Excuse me while I hurl.

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