The Best Writing On TV

I looked for a clip of this last week and only found one today.  Boston Legal is one of the best shows on television, and Alan Shore’s speeches are just one reason why.  Ah, the art of the apostrophe. 



2 thoughts on “The Best Writing On TV

  1. FANTASTIC! I want to email it to all the head up their ass heteros I know but they wouldn’t recognize themselves.


  2. God help me, I do sort of like this show. And the prosecuting attorney Samantha Fried is played by Erica Gimpel, best known for reprising Irene Cara’s role of “Coco” on the T.V. version of “Fame”.

    These are the little useless tidbits of information that clutter up my mental space.

    And in a related note, I went with friends recently to see a Molly Ringwald double feature at a local theater: Pretty In Pink followed by Sixteen Candles. First, wow, we were great in the 80s. Second, watching James Spader as the slimy rich kid ringleader Steff was so weird in relation to watching him now on this show. One of my friends developed a whole timeline that took Steff, had him go through all sorts of personal trauma and emerge as the moderately better person of Alan Shore on Boston Legal. I want to remember exactly what happened to him to justify this change, but we were all drinking heavily because this theater serves alcohol and they had a signature drink that evening, the Pretty In Pink. I don’t remember what was in it, exactly, but I do remember it tasted…well, pink.

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