Flu’s Your Daddy

Having spent the last 5 days bedridden with such a bad case of aches, coughs, and chest congestion like I’ve not had since I was a young child, I have one thing more to pray for.  Thank God for Dayquil. 

I can’t remember the last time I was this sick.  Cold sweats, hot sweats, coughing fits so bad it made my back and knees hurt.  Get that?  I coughed so much it made my fricking KNEES hurt.  Interestingly enough, absolutely no head congestion and just a few sneezes.  But the aches and pains . . . oy vey.  I slept almost the entire day Sunday and Monday. 

I mean, 5 days in bed and no action?  You just know I was ill.  But don’t worry.  Regular bouts of sarcasm will resume soon.  🙂


7 thoughts on “Flu’s Your Daddy

  1. Heh. So many people disagree with me that if I did that, Threnody, I’d have time for nothing else.

    You know, there’s a Piers Anthony book that references that name, “Threnody.” Is that where you took if from?

  2. The coolest thing about the Wild Strawberries is that they’re two doctors, husband and wife, that live in an abandoned church here in Toronto. I shit you not.

    Anyways QuakerJono, if you want some more music of theirs, email me at threnody(the a-squiggle thing)theantidote.ca and I’ll hook you up with some..uh..samples.

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