Everyone Pees In The Pool

And Scott’s got the meme to prove it.


5 thoughts on “Everyone Pees In The Pool

  1. Dude, just turn the calculator on on your computer while you go down the list. No need to write anything down. But if you have 50 or 60 cents at the end, we know you’ve at one time peed in a pool.

    Lesson? Swim with your mouth CLOSED.

    I’m wondering what you think of the “two wrongs” post below, QJ.

  2. Um, I’m avoiding the two wrongs post. πŸ˜€ I’m sort of over the whole name-calling incident. I’ll read it, though, and gush forth poetically regarding angry black lesbionics.

    Good idea on the calculator.

    So my fine is now: $675.10. I’ve never peed in the pool, but have apparently done a lot of other heinous stuff.

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