SOTU Commentary

If you’re like me, you watched (at least some) of the President’s State of the Union address last night.  If you were lucky, you watched it on CBS, because that’s what channel I watched.  Mild humor ensued. 

Here’s one video (not the best quality;wish I had TIVO at home) that shows some of what I found so funny.  Had I not heard Don Imus remark about it this morning on his radio show, I’d have thought I was the only one who found humor in such a depressing speech.  But notice he did, and I did, and now you get let in on the joke. 

I’m not talking about Cheney texting during the speech.  That was just rude, not funny.  If we have to pay attention so should he.  Incredibly enough, the funny part isn’t even that Cheney doesn’t blink.  (Apparently, ever.)  Rather, Nancy Pelosi appeared to be having a morse code conversation with Hillary Clinton and a few other ladies in the chamber using only their eyes.  I got quite a laugh out of Nancy’s blink-blink-blink–pan camera to Hillary–blink-blink–pan to some other lady I don’t know the name of–blink-blink-blink–back to Nancy–blinkblinkblinketyblinkblinkblink.  Pan to Cheney, looking like he’s in serious need of some immodium.  I’m telling you, Madame Speaker blinks about twice each second, if last night’s appearance is any indication. 

Of course, at least she’s not John McCain, winking at who-knows-what the whole way through the speech.  Check out this vid and tell me I’m wrong. 


7 thoughts on “SOTU Commentary

  1. If the Vanity-Faire-printed rumors of Cheney’s extreme paranoia are to be believed (apparently he carts a chemical protection suit with him everywhere he goes, to avoid “The Jackal”) then he never would blink as he’s always in a state of cat-like readiness to flee from the Jackal. This was particularly evident at the SOTU speech as a Jackal candidate was sitting just to his left…

    I will still say, though, that the funniest line of the whole evening was when Bush actually managed to say, “Our citizens don’t much care which side of the aisle we sit on, as long as we are willing to cross that aisle when there is work to be done,” with a straight face and no sense of irony. Aaron Sorkin wishes he could write dialogue that brilliantly farcical.

  2. I thought the funniest line was how he was the first president to have the “privilege” of saying “madame speaker.”

    He looked like he was choking.

  3. What? No attack on abortions and same-sex marriage this year? Awww, George, say it ain’t so. I was extremely, extremely dissapointed that the President chose to omit issues that he has said are vital to the survival of civilization. And, of course, I wanted to see the look on Madame Speaker’s face when she realizes she isn’t supposed to be applauding those particular statements (I caught her doing that a couple times: “*starts to clap weakly* uh oh, time to applaud again…no wait, I don’t support that…oops, nevermind *goes back to stone-faced glare*)

  4. I’ve liked Nancy Pelosi ever since she called Bush an “incompetent idiot” on national television. And then when her party’s presidential candidate, the JFK wannable, told her to apologize, she told him to go screw himself. After that, I figured she was one of the few Democrats who actually had the balls to challenge the administration. I was right.

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