The New Blue Laws?

Remember when I first speculated about an upcoming Viagra debacle before it happened, and then it happened and I wrote this?

Well, here comes the lawsuit:

One of the nation’s largest HIV/AIDS healthcare providers announced Monday that it is suing Pfizer, accusing it of encouraging the recreational use of Viagra and in doing so contributing to the increased incidence of sexually transmitted diseases including HIV.

To which I say PUH-LEEEZE.  You wanna blame someone for making Viagra seem “cool?”  Who’s next, Bob Dole?  Or better yet, blame the makers of American Pie: The Naked Mile.

That movie glorifies the hell out of Viagra.  And I guarantee you that more people watch that crap than watch Pfizer’s commercials.  Next they’ll start suing Youtube for all the homemade commercials for Viagra that people have put on there. 

No one is forcing Viagra down people’s throats.  (Maybe something else, but not the Viagra.)  The ads clearly state that it does not prevent STD’s.  AND IT’S A PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION.  Understand that?  If people are sharing their prescriptions, that’s a violation of federal law.  If there’s any merit to this case at all–which I highly doubt–then it isn’t Pfizer that should be sued, it’s the perp who gave his friend the little blue pill.  This should be no different than if it was a Darvocet or other prescription med. 

In all honesty, no matter how the Health Foundation tries to portray it that way, Viagra’s marketing is NOT akin to handing someone a loaded gun.  Pun intended.  The money being spent on this lawsuit should be going towards prevention plans, AIDS cocktails, counseling, and other treatments that would actually help those with HIV or AIDS.  Now it’s going to be wasted on yet one more frivolous lawsuit because people want to blame others for their irresponsible behavior.  And that’s what unprotected sex is, like it or not.  If I were Pfizer, I’d team up with Trojan and make some sort of gift pack or something.  Just for my own protection.


3 thoughts on “The New Blue Laws?

  1. I just don’t understand this victim mentality. It’s like the NYC Healthcare Foundation has so much contempt for homosexuals that it feels we’re not even capable of making our own decisions. It’s damn insulting.

    To be fair, I’m wholly against public advertising for drugs period. It just leads to an overly medicated society that pops a pill for any malady, real or imagined, and reduces the overall effectiveness of medication when it’s truly needed. However, to single out a particular drug, particularly an entirely voluntary/recreational one like Viagra, is just shrill and pointless.

  2. Too true, too true. I don’t take any drugs at all anymore, except the occasional tylenol. I’m convinced Naproxen is going to eventually be proven to induce stomach cancer. The two years I spent as lead pharmacy technician dealing with 20 nursing homes lent me plenty of evidence that aspirin is just about the most benign drug out there.

    But, like you, I don’t think I need someone saying that I’m incapable of making those decisions because I see something on TV.

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