Did You Watch American Idol Last Night?

paula.jpgI feel so bad for my webfriend KJ, who lives in Seattle, that I’m not going to say very much at all.  Except that for a city with so much rain, you’d think the people auditioning would look, um, cleaner.  Too bad the rain didn’t wash the crazy away.  WOW.  MSNBC has a fair synopsis (although the Taylor Hicks lookalike was out to fix Simon’s hair, not Paula’s as the article indicates). 

To sum it up: Nick Zitzmann.  Here’s his myspace page.  If you missed his version of unhinged unchained melody, I hope to god it’s on Youtube soon.  Let me put it this way: robots cannot sing. 

Then there’s Paula’s zonked-out appearances on Seattle TV herself . . . clip after the jump.

If I had to guess I would say she took a few too many of the painkillers she’s on for her back.  (That’s why she doesn’t actually dance and sing anymore, despite the gossip.)  The Seattle weather would tend to exacerbate her type of back pain, so I can understand taking more of her prescribed meds, but . . . I wouldn’t appear on TV in the state she was in.  Check out Olbermann:


2 thoughts on “Did You Watch American Idol Last Night?

  1. Rest assured I do not take any offense at the evaluation of whack jobs turning up for AI auditions. I do hope that not all of the contestants were actually from Seattle. Did anyone make it through? I don’t monitor the competition very closely until it gets more serious and I know that there are some singers worth watching — Oh, and hearing!

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