The God Warrior Is Back

And nastier than ever, from what I can surmise.  You must have heard of Marguerite Perrin by now.  This week she returns to Fox’s Trading Spouses (Friday night at 9:00) , and I can’t wait to see how high and mighty she is this time.  I only watched the show the last time she was on because of the much hyping ads featuring the God Warrior, and haven’t watched it since.  But who can resist such drama as Mrs. Perrin?

To be honest, however, how anyone who professes to be so pious can have pictures like this on their website is beyond me.  The panties are just waaaay TMI.  If I wasn’t gay already. . . 

Fox’s website describes the Perrin family as :

Margaret and her family, husband Barry, daughters Ashley and Brooke and granddaughter Abigail, are the embodiment of southern hospitality and comfort. Ready to greet guests with open arms, it is not uncommon to find the Perrin family hosting big get-togethers of friends and family.

Strangers, however, are met with garlic and a crucifix. 

To be fair, the only one who seemed unhinged the last time Marguerite appeared on the show was Marguerite herself.  Her family seemed normal enough, and even a bit taken aback when Marguerite first arrived home.  They’d enjoyed their stay with the “darksided” mommy. 

Hopefully her weight-loss surgery helped alleviate some of her evident mental imbalance. 

Yeah, right. 


Just for my friend QJ, here’s a quick pick of MP’s last appearance. 

Anyone who can say this: “Get the HELL out of my house; In Jesus’ name I pray.  GET OUT!!” has a very limited understanding of what it truly means to be christian and emulate Christ.  So sad, really.


6 thoughts on “The God Warrior Is Back

  1. So, I’m confused. Is she playing a character for comic effect, like an even more annoying Roseanne, or is she really like that?

    And shame on you for watching reality television.

  2. No, she’s really like that. I mean, as “really” as you can be with “reality” TV.

    And QJ, I watched 2 hours of American Idol last night. One hour of Trading Spouses per season isn’t going to kill me. We must “steel our wool” against the likes of Marguerite. *shudder*

  3. Wow, that’s a Indiana Jones sized rolling boulder of crazy right there. Still, in a way, her honesty is refreshing. It seems that the idea of debate today is less reasoned arguments and more who can talk faster or louder. She’s just taken all the artifice off of it and gotten primal, sort of the Gauguin of modern day religion: lurid, basic, loud, probably riddled with syphilis.

    Still, looking at her website, particularly the CD, suggests to me that someone is aware of exactly what she is and is marketing her as a great big steaming pile of parody. This would also account for the underwear shots.

    And, for the record,American Idol is completely different for the simple reason that I occasionally watch it. Therefore it must be different.

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  4. Oh. But my once-a-season bout with trading spouses–which I would deem “occasional”–is somehow different, huh?

    Fine, fine. I’ll remember that.

  5. I feel really sorry for her family. But then again, maybe this is how they’re paying for college for them. “How my idiot mother put me through Bubba’s Basketweaving College.” Does she live south of the Mason-Dixon line? Can’t wait for the clip you post after this Friday. Me no watch reality t.v. My own reality is enough – thank you.

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