Quote of the Day Revisited

In light of the other “QOD” post today, I simply would not be the well-rounded individual I try to fool you all into thinking I am that I try to be if I did not post this news as well: (via RawStory)

A unique partnership was introduced at a Washington news conference today, as a dozen evangelical and scientific leaders announced a new joint effort to protect the environment and defend “life on earth,” according to a press release received by RAW STORY. . .

Rev. Richard Cizik, Vice President for Governmental Affairs of the National Association of Evangelicals, added, “Great scientists are people of imagination. So are people of great faith. We dare to imagine a world in which science and religion cooperate, minimizing our differences about how Creation got started, to work together to reverse its degradation. We will not allow it to be progressively destroyed by human folly.”

I don’t want to tout this as some monumental occasion . . . but it just might be.  Here’s the pdf of the Evangelical Climate Initiative.  It’s fairly encouraging, despite what some of my friends might say.  *cough Matt cough cough*.


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