I Think Their Knuckles Must Be Sore

From being dragged around so much.  Listen to the comments the two “straight guys” make.  (Including the one whose ears look like they’ve been “tugged on” one too many times, if you know what I mean.)  I practically expected them to drag “their women” on camera by the hair, caveman style.

While I admittedly have some issues with the broadness of the LGBQTXYZ scheme, the proposal of coed dorms–for only voluntary participants–seems like a good thing.  There are a disturbing number of anti-gay or anti-transgender attacks on college campuses, and the students’ safety–not some phantom “traditional role” thrown out as a buzz-word–should be the most important issue.  The “arguments” proffered by the conservatives on this show are so specious they don’t merit refutation–but that would mean me shutting up.  As if. 

“I don’t want to support boys and girls living togethers in dormatories.”  Right.  That’s what those uberstraight Fraternities are for.  Frat parties where the upperclassmen initiate the freshman girls into college life.  Ahem.  What dreamworld are these guys living in where 18 year old students aren’t going coed whenever they want?  Remember we’re talking about publicly funded schools, not private religious institutions.  AND remember that this is a voluntary program, not having Ms. Innocenta Von Immaculata showing up on her first day of college to find she’s rooming with Captain Schlong. 

Why the opposition?  Are these “straight” guys secretly hoping they’ll get a gay roommate to lend them some fashion sense?  All I can do at this point is conjecture, because they don’t even make one single cogent argument. 

Honestly, if this is what passes for debate in this country I don’t know how we’re going to survive as a species, never mind as a nation. 

(h/t MattHill’s blog)


One thought on “I Think Their Knuckles Must Be Sore

  1. Well, first off, it’s on FOX. What’ya expect. They’re heads are so far up you know what. His tax dollars? Jeez. What a lame argument … not even! Just a comment. Say “jughead” does look like he might like to wake up with Archie. Anyway . . . they’re swimming against the tide. He doesn’t know who is attacking transgender? Is he living under a rock… he knows damn well – just stirring the pot. Makes me ashamed of my fellow breeders. LMOHS.

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