Jackass Gets Kicked Off Dr. Phil Show

I’m not a big Dr. Phil fan.  Sometimes he’s just too preachy to listen to.  That said, I just saw this video on Slackmosphere and wanted to go kick some ass.  The producer of Bumfights was scheduled to be on and Dr. Phil refused to talk to him.  Watch the footage (after the jump).

Whatever his reasons, Dr. Phil was right to kick the guy off the stage, and not just because he’d shaved his head and dressed to look like Dr. Phil. 

The use of bums in these videos is not just inhumane, it’s inhuman.  Paying someone $20 for them to pull a tooth out of their head, eat a raw frog, bash each other in the head with glass bottles, etc, is just plain EVIL in my book.  These “bums” may not be the most intelligent people, and yes, they don’t “have” to do what the guy asks them to do, but he’s a stain on the human race for even putting them in these situations in the first place, regardless of whether they accept or not.  You can get a crackhead to do just about anything for $50, but that doesn’t mean it’s acceptable to do it. 

I hope this guy gets his ass sued off and ends up homeless himself.  He’s made millions off of the suffering of others, and has the audacity to say he’s “doing them a favor.”  I hope someone does him a favor. 

And if you buy or rent one of those “bumfights” videos then you deserve whatever kharmic justice you get. 


10 thoughts on “Jackass Gets Kicked Off Dr. Phil Show

  1. This guys is a vile, despicablelow life, cretin, piece of S**T. I too am not a Dr. Phil fan. He’s full of himself. But he did the right thing this time for sure. I’d like to send him an email to say so as well. He went up a few notches in my estimation by nipping that jerk in the bud. GOOD FOR YOU PHI. I’m so angry I could just spit. THAT FOOL couldn’t do anything else, so he lives off the desperation of these poor desperate wretches that probably are ON drugs and don’t even know what they are doing OR they are starving and sick. Drug addicts or NOT – they are human beings. OH I’M SO MADE I COULD SNAP THAT CREEP IN HALF.

  2. Well, given that the bumfights guy is sleaze, at least he’s honest sleaze. He’s in it for the money and is very upfront about that. While I think the karma he’s accumulating will land him a nasty case of rectal cancer, he wouldn’t have made all that money if people hadn’t been willing to buy his product.

    Dr. Phil, on the other hand, seems to have specifically invited the guy on his show just to make some sort of gesture. Sure, the guy’s a tool…well, they’re both tools, but Dr. Phil is doing the exact same thing as this Tigh (sp?) person, cashing in on people behaving badly. He’s perhaps not as obvious or violent about it, and in the case of this stunt he’s certainly not as direct about it, but the underlying motivation is the same.

    So Dr. Phil kicked him off. The question is, why did Dr. Phil invite him to be on in the first place? And in a moral universe, does Dr. Phil have any real right to look down on the bumfights guy given that they’re both making a good living solely from the pain of others?

  3. Well, QJ, look at it this way: Dr. Phil’s behavior, not just his lecturing, effects an enormous amount of people. Many choose to model his behavior. So if he makes a grand public show of disavowing this guy and makes those who watch this sort of crap feel remorseful–and perhaps less apt to watch or rent such stuff again–isn’t the end result more than worth any flak he might take for having him on in the first place?

    And look, Dr. Phil is a psychologist. When he cashes in on others’ suffering, there’s the potential for a better circumstance for the individual. When this Bumfights jerk does it, there is no better end result for anyone, except the cash he gets himself. To me, that’s a world of a difference. Sure, Dr. Phil is full of himself, but he also has training and experience helping people overcome adversity. (Now I’M talking like him!) Tighe–or whatever his name is–has experience exploiting suffering solely for entertainment value. Surely you can see the difference.

  4. He’s a psychologist who was reprimanded in Texas because of an inappropriate sexual relationship he formed with a patient, has a history of both employee abuse and spousal abuse and who’s brand of diet and exercise pills and foodstuffs are questionable at best and outright misleading at worst. Now, this is all fine and dandy and if people want to buy into his behavioral modification modality and it helps them, then great. Inviting this guy on the show, though, just to punk him is both ethically questionable (although, having questionable ethics is something Dr. Phil is probably used to by this point) and just handing out free publicity.

    While I would like to believe that people will say, “Hey, Dr. Phil kicked this guy off his show, so I shall do the same and no longer buy any ‘bumfights’ merchandise,” I find it extremely unlikely. The type of person who’s going to listen to Dr. Phil and actually try to change their life based on his advice is most likely not going to buy bumfights in the first place. So all this does is open up a new advertising source and give Dr. Phil a chance to pointlessly grandstand while conveniently dodging the question of his own ethics and if he really has room to judge.

    And I just don’t see the difference between exploiting someone’s mental suffering in a nationally syndicated talk show or someone’s physical suffering in a video cassette, other than one’s more direct and obvious than the other. Dr. Phil’s show is more entertainment than any serious attempt at therapy, so you essentially have two entertainment sources that are fundamentally doing the same thing and making money off of suffering.

    Look, my point isn’t that bumfights guy is somehow good and Dr. Phil is bad. My point is that they are both, at the end of the day, entertainers and it is morally and ethically questionable at best for one to pass judgment on the other, particularly in so public and visible a way. If Dr. Phil truly had that level of discomfort with Mr. Bumfights, then he wouldn’t have brought him on the show in the first place. It’s like saying Jerry Springer was trying to improve race relations by inviting members of the KKK onto his show. If you don’t like the message, don’t give it a free pulpit.

  5. QJ – I respectfully disagree. Dr. Phil has also been philanthropical. He also tries to help a lot of people. The “bumfights” guy is blatantly causing sick, homeless, helpless people to hurt themselves in painful and demeaning ways, preying on their need for cash to survivie (whether for food or drugs or a room for the night). I am not convinced he and Dr. Phil are remotely on the same level as using other people. I suspect the bumfights guy stands in the sidelines snickering at the people he feels are less than human and so way below him. At least the Dr. Phil show might help some people in the audience or at home recognize their own ills or sicknesses and perhaps get them to seek help. BFs just does not.

  6. While I totally agree that he should have been chucked off, I dont understand Dr Phils reaction to the video.

    He stated before it was shown that “please ask you kids to leave the room”, suggesting he knew the content of the video.

    And THEN after its shown he behaves like it was the first time he saw it? Confusing!!!

    Why did he invite the guy on then, if he knew what the video contained, knew what he was about and knew he would probably be a complete jack ass?

  7. If Dr. Phil thought this guy was wrong and had issues, then why didn’t he help him? After all that’s his goals right? Dr. Phil is an asshole straight up. Now just for that I feel like actually watching bumfights. I think this guy is genious. Come on he made millions! To me thats pretty smart. He forced no one to do what they did. If I was desperate for JD i would probably do almost anything too but I would now be happy I got my JD right? Also i wouldn’t be mad cuz I agreed to do it.
    I’d wouldn’t mind a few million for some videos, wouldn’t you do it too for that money?

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