Uncomfortably Close

I’m not advocating promiscuity–if you know anything at all about me you’ll know that I frown on the practice–but it turns out my prediction of what would be said if Viagra were marketed specifically to gay men was painfully accurate–from albeit a different quarter.  In responding to a question posed on Pam’sHouseBlendI’d speculated it would be Focus on the Family who would demonize Viagra use within the gay community. 

As it turns out, the offended party wasn’t FOF, but the Aids Healthcare Foundation:

An AIDS organization is launching an advertising campaign that says Pfizer Inc.’s marketing of Viagra encourages recreational use of the drug, which fosters the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV. . .

Lori Yeghiayan, a spokeswoman for the Foundation, said that Pfizer’s marketing treats Viagra as a tool to improve one’s sex life instead of a drug for a medical condition.


Let’s see how long it takes them to register Woody Woodpecker as Viagra’s new mascot. 


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