Tee Hee

Yesterday Pam’s Question of the Day at Pam’s House Blend was this:

What if the makers of Viagra, Cialis and Levitra all started running TV ads marketing the drug to gay men? The same sort of “romantic,” but in-your-face (het-focused) ads on the air now, just subbing two guys.

I’m sure this would unhinge the AFA and Daddy D’s outfit, so, here’s a two-part Q of the day:

1. Would they launch a boycott?

2. If so, what would their campaign against the companies focus on/look like? What kind of bleating would ensue, as squishy they are about sex overall (with the exception of Porno Pete).

Be creative.

So naturally I had to give it a shot.  Here’s my attempt:

Viagra for Gay Men (4.00 / 1)
OK, but remember you said to be creative!!******************************************* 

For Release: 

Shocking new circumstances have forced us here at FOF to call for an immediate boycott of Pfizer, the pharmaceutical company that manufactures the pill Viagra.  Pfizer has until now advertised it as a cure for Erectile Dysfuntion, a serious and debilitating medical condition, as we here at FOF well know!!  Pfizer’s new advertising campaign, however, causes us serious concern, as they are now advertising the pill as an exercise of the infamous liberal idea, “Choice,” instead of addressing any medical issues. 

We should have seen this coming when they started using that slogan a few months ago: “Be ready when YOU want to.”  As if sexual relations should have anything to do with choice or desire!!  As we all know, procreation within the bounds of holy matrimony should be seen as a DUTY to Almighty God, and nothing else!! 

One commercial has the audacity to imply that homosexual relations not only can be, but SHOULD be enjoyable!!  It opens with two men in their late 40’s sitting nonchalantly at the breakfast table having coffee.  One reaches over and brushes the other’s fingers with his own.  He says to his partner in a soft voice, “are you ready?” and they get up from the table, go into a bedroom nearby and shut the door. 

I, for one, have not been able to sit at my own breakfast table since seeing that abominable commercial. 

Their latest TV commercial is the most offensive of all.  In it, two apparent cowboys are walking towards a saloon.  As the first one stretches his arms and sighs, “long day . . .,” the other “cowboy” looks at him and says, “Yep.  Join me for a stiff one?” as he pops a pill into his mouth.  He throws a pill bottle to the other cowboy who says, “I’m up for it,” grabs a pill from the bottle–which we can now see is a Viagra bottle–and the two both walk right past the saloon into the Hotel!!! 

As if that’s not bad enough, they are now advertising the pills as “Controlled Release!”  We all know what that means!!  The perverts!

Join the Boycott today!! 

So, whaddya think? 


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