It’s Just A Game, People

Big week for videogamers.  And idiots, by all accounts.  The PS3 and Nintendo Wii were released this week, right?  Now, I love videogames as much as the next person . . . no, that’s not entirely true.  If I loved them as much as the jerks in the stories I’m reading about, I would ASK to be shot.  I simply cannot believe the ridiculous behavior of the public sometimes.  I know, I know, I should be used to it by now.  But for heaven’s sakes listen to this: (link to Homomojo forum message–register to read the whole thing.  Hey, it takes less than 1 minute and it’s free, with lots of cool new features!!  Anyway, read this . . . )

Now, Sunday, I knew the Wii was coming out, and I knew that I was working. I got there, and a line of around 100 people were sitting out front (once again, at 6). I walked to the door, realizing that I forgot my key to get in at home, and my colored shirt (A white Wii shirt we were supposed to wear), I called one of my friends working in the store to open it and let me in. The mob outside saw this, and, to them , it seemed that the store was letting one person in to buy a Wii early. So, the previous calm mob turned into one with the purpose to stop me at all costs. Now I feature numerous bruises and cuts, but I got into the store and got a spare shirt. Other than that, we had 40 consoles to sell, and the mob was a lot calmer, many of whom apologized to me when they realized I was the one whom they attacked.


My confidence in the ability of mankind to overcome our propensity for greed and self-fulfillment is severely waning at this point.  Because this isn’t an isolated incident. 

Police say a man who thought he was meeting with two buyers after advertising online to sell two PlayStation 3 videogame consoles, was attacked and robbed.

There are plenty of other instances of mugging, beatings, arrests, etc, associated with the release of the new systems last week.  Just google it if you don’t believe me. 

Also of note: one of our local news affiliates reported that a young man, first in line to purchase PS3’s at the local Circuit City, was offered $1,500 for his place in line.  Others in that same line admitted, on the news, that they were only buying the PS3 units so they could hawk them on Ebay for $2500 a pop—at least! 

Don’t these people pay rent? 

Luckily for me, QuakerJono shed one bit of shining light on this debacle:

Nebraska Furniture Mart has decided to donate the handful of Playstation 3s they received from the megajerks at Sony to a local charity as they feel selling them wouldn’t be fair to their customers!

HAHAHAHAHA.  Serves all you “I’ll wait until the Earth dies to get my new game!  Nyah!” types right. 

And then there’s the report regarding Taco Bell–I wonder if anyone’s given theirs up yet (not likely):

Taco Bell announced today that it is offering a lifetime of Taco Bell® food ($12,500 in Taco Bell Bucks) in exchange to the first person who agrees to trade his or her new PlayStation 3 Game Console. Taco Bell will then donate the next generation game console to the Stanton teen center of the Boys & Girls Club. Taco Bell and its Taco Bell Foundation supports teen programs nationwide through the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

If you know of any other rare instances of sanity or charity involving this momentary lapse of reason, please let me know.  I’ll be busy playing my GBA, XBOX, PS2, PS1, or most likely, reading a good book or two.  When I’m not getting busy with my boyfriend.  *snark*  

Get a life, y’all.


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