“Calling God A Watchmaker Is Belittling”

Michael Shermer, columnist for Scientific American magazine, often has a unique perspective that sometimes seems out of place for that particular venue.  In the current edition, Shermer sharpens his focus on evolution and the evangelists who decry it as blasphemy.  Check out “Darwin On The Right: Why Christians and Conservatives Should Accept Evolution.”  I like this point, in particular:

Creationism is bad theology. The watchmaker God of intelligent-design creationism is delimited to being a garage tinkerer piecing together life out of available parts. This God is just a genetic engineer slightly more advanced than we are. An omniscient and omnipotent God must be above such humanlike constraints. As Protestant theologian Langdon Gilkey wrote, “The Christian idea, far from merely representing a primitive anthropomorphic projection of human art upon the cosmos, systematically repudiates all direct analogy from human art.” Calling God a watchmaker is belittling.

SciAm is one of my favorite magazines to read, and the only one which I actually pay to subscribe to.  If you want to keep up to date on just about every scientific development with in-depth reporting, commentary, news on breakthroughs–like the latest on how Moles contain cells that specifically fight cancer–then pay the $30 or so for a year’s subscription.  It’s well worth it. 


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