The OTHER Movie Post Of The Day

I know I already posted about the transformers movie, but I have yet to see much buzz regarding Robin Williams’ new movie, Man Of The Year, which opens next friday, October 13th.  (Why someone would want their movie to open on Friday the 13th unless that’s the name of the movie is beyond me, but whatever.)  I’ve always been a HUGE Robin Williams fan, and had taped copies of his early comedy acts:

“I had to quit drinking because I used to wake up on the hood of my car with my keys in my ass.  Hey man, you okay?  Fine, thanks, it’s just flooded, I’ll be ok.”

I know, I do like the mental tangent.  Anyhow, I’m really hoping Man Of The Year will be Robin’s comeback vehicle, with his hit & miss record in the movies since the classic Mrs. Doubtfire.  This looks like a hit to me.  Besides Robin at what is clearly a venue tailored to his comedic talents, the film includes Christopher Walken and the incomparable Lewis Black as Robin’s campaign manager.  And here’s the wiki:

In the film, Williams portrays Tom Dobbs, the host of a comedy/political talk show and based loosely on real-life liberal personas Jon Stewart and Bill Maher. As a public relations stunt, Dobbs decides to campaign for President. He unexpectedly wins the election, and must now handle the office of the president. The premise of the movie shares many similarities with Al Franken‘s book “Why Not Me?


One thought on “The OTHER Movie Post Of The Day

  1. THis is great. I watched Lewis Black on t.v. before work the other morning and I was laughing so hard it scared small animals.

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