New Month, New Books!

If you haven’t already, head on over to HarperCollins and sign up for the free FirstLook program, where you can sign up for free ARE’s (Advance Reader Editions) before the books hit the bookstores! 

My choice this month: Tales from the Town of Widows by James Cañón


One day, a band of guerrillas arrives in the mountain village of Mariquita, forcibly “recruits” all the men and takes them away to fight for the communist cause, leaving only the women and children. Tales from the Town of Widows recounts their struggle to get beyond grief and overturn centuries of tradition. In the process, they challenge the strong male orientation of their world, discover power and make a new life for themselves without men. Ironically, they end up creating an equality-based society similar to the socialist ideal the guerrillas claim to be fighting for. This all-female utopia is put to the test when, after 16 years, four men return to the village, forcing the women to negotiate between past and present; between the world they’ve lost and the imperfect but peaceful existence they’ve created.

I hope they pick me for this one.  I’ve received 2 books out of the 4 I’ve requested (they draw 25 names out of the hat for each book) and the last one SUCKED, so here’s hoping. 


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