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I don’t usually do this–mainly because I think people can find what interests them on their own–but I was checking my bookmarks and links and, without doing justice to any of them, I’d like you to check these out when you’ve got the time:

Tom over at Purplescarf has a post up about the Christian right in Michigan:

It is strange that McMurray cites Jefferson and Madison.

Thomas Jefferson, a year before his death, described himself as a Unitarian, and several years earlier declined to serve as a baptismal sponsor because he did not accept the Trinity. He very clearly did not believe in the divinity of Jesus; the “Jefferson Bible” he edited is a redacted version with all references to Jesus’ divinity, all miracles and the resurrection edited out. When Jefferson ran for President, according to Fawn M. Brodie, “clergymen told their parishioners that a vote for Jefferson was a vote against Christianity, and warned that if he won they would have to hide their Bibles in the wells.” Christians back then weren’t as gullible as the Christian right of today, I guess.

Not all Christians are that gullible today, either.  We’re just fewer and farther between.

Speaking of Christians, QuakerJono has a poignant post about McGreevey and the need for heroes in the gay community.  I have to agree with him: heroes show courage, and there’s no courage in being forced to come out. 

It just disgusts me. Every day, young gay and lesbian people come out to varying degrees of acceptance. If they’re lucky, the impact is slight. However, many are still kicked out of their homes, disowned by their parents and basically told that they don’t matter both by their families and society. Yet McGreevey, who lied to his family, an entire state, an entire nation, for years, in the most calculated fashion imaginable, is going on Oprah and viewed by many as a hero.

Just sickening.

Robbie’s been doing most of the posting lately at the Malcontent (I think Matt’s been busy with his move–boy, do I know how that is!) and he hits it on the head regarding 9/11:

The Republicans cannot or will not secure this country. They cannot defeat the federal intelligence bureaucracy, will not spend the funds necessary to guard the ports and borders, and have not made the military commitment necessary to do a perfunctorily competent job in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Democrats cannot or will not recognize the great threat of our age. They ironically flirt with the most reactionary forces in the nation, consider 9/11 conspirators their base, and align themselves with radicalized anti-American, anti-Enlightenment ideologies simply because they share their disdain of George W. Bush.

What, exactly, is the point in discussing September 11th among political forces that won’t take that day seriously?

*shrugs* Fifteen years on, we’ll still be remembering.

But remembering isn’t doing.

If you were sitting right here you’d see me nodding.  If you want to get into some interesting discussions, head over to the Malcontent and check out the comments to the articles.  Or, for that matter, head on over to Homomojo, where you can start your own discussions in the Homomojo forums.

Lastly, but certainly not least, Aatom has some particularly insightful commentary on 9/11 and its consequents–perhaps the only commentary you need to read:

Seeing people approach you with money, goodwill and plans for infrastructure building can quickly erase any reservations you might have about their stringent, or even homicidal, moral code.  Our failure to fill the vacuums we helped create with goodwill and solid infrasructure ourselves is inexcusable. . .

What I do still believe, and what ultimately makes me an optimist and a proud American, is that the idea of freedom is a Pandora’s Box that can never be closed completely once it is tasted by those who have never experienced it before.  For a great many people in places like Iraq, Afghanistan, China, Russia, and North Korea, freedom seems more real than ever before.  More chaotic, less stable, and certainly more difficult on a day to day basis, but time and time again people willingly choose the more difficult path in order to feel free from the chains of religious, moral and political tyrrany. 

And as they say in the movies, “tell ’em Large Marge sent ya.”



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