Marvel Civil War & DC’s 52

I admit it: I’m a comic book fan.  Years ago, when I met my husband, I had fourteen long boxes of comic books, all properly bagged&boarded for support.  A while later, while in a cash crunch, I sold my collection–much to my chagrin–for far less than it was worth.  My interest in comics tapered off from the previous level of fanatacism, but I managed to keep all of my graphic novels and have purchased more over the years, trying to keep somewhat in touch with the heros of my youth.  Batman, Green Lantern–Hal Jordan only, please–the Silver Surfer, and Iron Man were always my favorites, along with Dr. Strange and the Avengers, but I collected them all.  My X-men comics took 3 boxes by themselves. 

Nowadays, however, my only subscription is to ScientificAmerican magazine, which I’ve just renewed.  (Maybe a plug will get me a discount?  Hee hee.)  I’d like to think that my mind favors the actual science over the science fiction, but the kid in me knows better.  So imagine my infinite surprise and joy to find that the latest venture by comicdom, the DC’s 52, can be viewed in part for free on the internet!  (And this I found thanks to WordPress’ newest innovation, the TagSurfer–TY WordPress team!) 

Thanks to a post on ZeroTwoHero, who appears to be as avid a bibilophile as I am, if not moreso, I now have the skinny on DC’s 52, a weekly maxi-series invoving what happens when Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman are gone from the scene.  Gone where?  I don’t really know.  But, I can now share with you the link to, who has partnered with DC Comics to allow online viewing of the first 5 issues of DC’s 52, in case, like me, you missed the launch. 

I suspect, like so many other maxi/miniseries, such as Crisis on Infinite Earths, Zero Hour, Secret Wars, etc., from DC and Marvel (which is undergoing its own Civil War right now) that this is an attempt to 1) Increase readership and 2) reinvent some underused/miswritten characters.  But if my inital reading is correct, then I’m a bit concerned.  Killing off Superboy in order to bring back such a self-aggrandizing character as Booster Gold, without the balancing conscience of his friend Blue Beetle, is frankly quite bonkers.  But it might just be enough to get me hooked again.  Looks like I have a bit of catching up to do. 


2 thoughts on “Marvel Civil War & DC’s 52

  1. It’s also an exercise in reviving old characters as well. It may well be just another excuse to sell more comics but bringing back Grant Morrison to write Animal Man is pretty sweet, no?

    and apparently the new Blue Beetle is a Latino teenager…

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