When Joe Scarborough Posts On Huffpo, Nothing Is Assured

When right-wing pundits start posting on one of the most liberal blogs around, all political bets are out the window.  I now officially give up on trying to figure this crap out.  Left is turning right, right is turning left, some of my best webmates are politically in limbo . . . Perhaps once the dust settles we’ll understand a little better, but consider this:

  • Bill Clinton stumped for Lieberman, even after Lieberman was one of the few dems to take Clinton to task over his infidelity in the White House.
  • Lieberman has been tossed aside by Connecticut Dems in their primary yesterday despite Clinton’s nominal support for basically being too conservative. 
  • Connecticut republicans are all abuzz with contributing to get Lieberman reelected as an independent.
  • Conservative Scarborough is getting flak from ultra right-wing pundits for not being conservative enough.
  • Scarborough posts on Huffington Post encouraging Dems to go more to the left.
  • Fox News reviews the Oliver Stone movie WTC and actually credits him with not making political statements in the movie. 

If I didn’t know better, I might just think people are starting to wake up and think for themselves. 


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