Lance Bass Comes Out

Not much to say about this, really, I just never thought he’d have the balls to do it.  Even after being seen at Pride in Provincetown, I doubted he’d come out for real.  Good for you, Lance.  People magazine will have the exclusive in Friday’s issue. 

I bet it sells like hotcakes.

But Lance, dahling, do you have to be dating Reichen?  One look at his talk show (is it still on?) was enough to convince a lot of us that he’s a complete moron.  You could do so much better. 

As for Defamer’s question of whether Lance is a top or bottom:

Asked and answered. 

Here’s a little more Lance if you like. 

Most satisfying part for me?  I posted this originally before Towleroad.  Not an easy thing to do, beating Andy to the punch.  Considering I get a lot of news from him anyway, it’s personally satisfying to be ahead of him for once.  Although my time stamp, now that I’m editing, will probably be after his post.  Oh well.

Okay, now I am SO done talking about this. 


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