Posting Dearth

There may be some lagging my posting for the next couple of weeks as I’m trying to buy my first house.  I was going to post a picture but for some reason it’s not taking, so come back later and perhaps I’ll have better luck with the pics.  This will be the first piece of property for the hubby and me, and we just had the inspection done today, so wish me luck!  I had no idea the amount of back-and-forth that goes on, the constant negotiation and renegotiation that a home purchase necessitates, but whew!  What a learning experience.  It’s only one acre, but that’s enough for us, the cats and dogs, and sometimes the horses.  Of course, this major life change has brought about yet another attempt to quit smoking.  So if I seem even bitchier than normal, well, there you go.

Between the flurry of phone calls and appointments I also volunteered for my local library’s annual used-book sale last weekend.  Of course, I took home a box of paperbacks at quite the bargain!  50 cents apiece for like-new paperbacks.  Of course, now I’ll need to buy another bookcase to go in the new house. 

And the packing.  Ye Gods, the packing is going to take forever!  Hopefully you stick around to see what changes the new digs bring for yours truly!


4 thoughts on “Posting Dearth

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