Pimp Yo’ Gay Self

Well, Keith has finally got the new Homomojo up and running, and I gotta say I really like the new format.  For one, it keeps some of the pressure off of me to write so much.  Just kidding.  You know how hard it is to shut me up once I get going. 

The coolest new thing, though, is that ability to directly pimp your own blog (gay or non, but c'mon, it's Homo-freakin'-mojo, people!) directly on the main page!  You can submit a description and link for a news story, blog article of your own, or anything else with a url and then vote on it once (for now) to make it appear on the main page.  That way, when people visit the site they can see the pimpage of the latest and greatest blogs, and relevant news items, and the latest words of wisdom from Keith, The Groom, and I in the Editorial section.  It's a really easy way to let people know when you've got a top-notch article on your blog–I'll be using it if I ever write anything worthwhile again.  (LOL) And as I said the other day, don't forget that the brand-spankin' new forums are up and running!  Tell 'em Large Marge sent ya.


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