Step-Parents: Doing the Devil’s Work

Oh, sure, the title seems outrageous, but hear me out. 

 In a recent article of Time online, Are Stepparents Real Parents?, Po Bronson refers to the recent Washington Supreme Court case Britain v. Carvin:

Sue Carvin and Page Britain were lesbians living together since 1989. Their baby, L., was born in 1995, using an at-home artificial insemination kit and some sperm donated from their gay friend. Page Britain carried L. and gave birth, but Sue Carvin became the stay-at-home mom while Page worked to support the family. Their child called Sue "Mama" and Page "Mommy."

This is where Bush's 29% stopped reading the article.  "At-home artificial insemination kit," "sperm," and "gay" all in the same sentence.  Enough said.  Back to the article for a second:

Washington State decided that Sue Carvin has the right to argue she's a "de facto" parent. This new classification can apply to any non-biological parental figure — and it specifically mentions stepparents (emphasis mine). So while the case appears on first glance to be about gay-and-lesbian rights, it may have a far broader impact.

Well, isn't that just dandy.  Take all the attention away from the gay people why don't ya? 

Just kidding.

The reality is that almost a third of Americans are "part of a stepfamily."  And the Washington case will be a model for the rest of the country.  If the classification of "de facto parent" carries to other states, it can be a powerful tool for gay couples who've been raising each other's children but are unable to adopt.  

And facing the subject of stepparent's rights forces society to look at the topic of divorce.  I'm just waiting for Pat Robertson to say, "See, divorce is just another tool of the Devil!  He has insinuated his evil into every fabric of society, destroying marriages, and using the evil he's wrought by that destruction to strengthen the heathen cause of sodomy!"

Hey, I'm not that far off.  The guy's a flake.  But I do feel it's unfortunate, and pretty damned sad, that yet another group of parents can potentially be harmed by gay parents having to fight for their own rights. 


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